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Why Flowers?

  • Posted on: 5/25/2018

After growing up in the floral industry, we are used to being surrounded by flowers. Cecilia and I regularly hear how lucky we are and how much fun it must be to work at a flower shop. I’ve smiled and nodded many times at such comments, while in the back of my mind thinking, if you only knew how much work it is! But, despite the daily struggles of working in a small family business, these people are right. We are lucky, and to be honest, quite blessed to be working at a flower shop. Flowers are a beautiful creation and have inspired countless authors, poets, musicians, and artists through the ages!

But what makes flowers so special? Despite having a never-ending supply of flowers in our shops, I still get excited to see new blooms outside each spring. I eagerly await the first bloom on the tiny purple crocus plant outside my family’s home, and I always pause in awe when I come across a seemingly flawless bloom in one of our shops. There is a special kind of joy that comes from a flower. New life blossoming after the darkness of winter inspires hope in our hearts. The color and delicate charm of each petal makes us smile, and the sweet fragrance fills our senses with delight. Truth can be found in the beauty of creation, and flowers speak to our souls. Flowers have the ability to stir up our emotions and memories, and their delicate and fragile nature makes us appreciate the little things in life. Our family delights in sharing flowers with others, and whether or not a flower gift is purchased for a happy or sad occasion, we know that each flower brings with it a little extra love! So go ahead, share joy by giving someone a flower today!

With love,

Elizabeth and Cecilia

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