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Incorporating Flowers in your Engagement Photos

  • Posted on: 9/11/2023

Your engagement period is a small chapter in your love story and yet, still one worth celebrating and appreciating as you have said the first “yes” towards marriage and a life with your best friend. Engagement photos beautifully capture that love in the simplest ways-the loving glances, the huge smiles, and the gentle embraces. Through their beauty, flowers add to that silent love language captured in these photos which is why we love incorporating flowers into those special moments celebrating love. 

What flowers should you choose? We are here to help! Both Elizabeth and Rebecca included flowers in their engagement photos but in ways that complemented their setting, overall look, and their individual personalities. 

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing flowers for your engagement photos: 

1. Setting:  

Setting includes not only physical location but also the season and the time of day. 

Rebecca and her fiancé James enjoyed a stroll hand-in-hand through a MI park with meadows, beaches, boardwalks, and forest trails on a late Summer’s evening. As she walked through a field of flowers, Rebecca held a bouquet of wildflowers that perfectly matched the sunset behind them. 

Elizabeth and her fiancé Chad took pictures on a crisp Autumn day at the Edsel Ford estate, an early twentieth century home with beautifully gardened grounds on Lake St. Clair. Elizabeth held a bouquet of premium flowers and touches of pampas grass to complement the English Cotswold-style architecture and in colors that perfectly matched the falling leaves. 
2. Colors of your attire
We often suggest flowers to complement your attire. But what exactly does that mean? Color can be intimidating with all the varying shades and hues. The easiest color schemes to create are analogous and complementary. If you were to look at a color wheel, colors that are next to each other like red, orange, and yellow are analogous. Colors that are opposite each other like red and green are complementary.  Both Elizabeth and Rebecca chose colors that are analogous to their dresses.

Donned in a cream, coral, and peach floral dress, Rebecca holds a bouquet arranged in shades of purple, pink, and orange.  

Dressed in burgundy, Elizabeth selected flowers in shades of pink, burgundy, and orange.
3. Personality 
Flowers have a language. A calla lily may express class, purity, and grand elegance while a peony may express romance, happiness, and a quiet beauty. Individually, a flower may sing a special tune; but arranged together in union with other flowers, they sing a symphony. 

Rebecca’s bouquet shows off her personality with a floral mixture that sings a song of delicate beauty with its dainty wildflowers, quiet elegance with the ruffled petals of the peony and dahlias, and bold attitude with the bright orange spray roses.

Elizabeth’s bouquet reflects her personality with flowers that sing of drama and fantasy shown with strong lines sweeping upwards and outwards, class and elegance with its calla lilies and garden roses, happy peacefulness with the olive branches, and soft beauty with the dahlias.

No matter your engagement photo setting, overall look, or your individual personality, flowers are a beautiful expression of you and your love which is why we recommend including them in your special moments.  

With Love, 
Elizabeth, Rebecca, & Cecilia 

all photo credits: Michele Maloney Photography

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