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Casey Bobek



Paul Viviano

As a young child growing up at Viviano Flower Shop, everything about the place was about family. At the core of family is love. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and many cousins worked here with me taking sales orders, designing arrangements, delivering packages, and doing the daily work of the shop. We had few employees that were not family members; but as time went by, our business grew along with the need for more people on our team. New employees become like family since we emphasize love, service, cooperation, and friendliness with each other and with the clients we serve. It is a team effort, and a family is a team that not only works together but more importantly loves one another – willing the good of the other. I hope to spread love with my work, and flowers are a wonderful vehicle in which to share love and happiness with others.

Peter Viviano

As the son of a florist, I grew up with flowers. I breathe, eat, and sleep flowers. I like flowers and they-flowers-like me. I am a magician, a floral charmer, a commander. I can organize my minions in an array of beautiful ways. I am the pied piper of flowers, and only the best minions grow from the best farmers. Only quality petals populate my menageries and get sent out to the greater Detroit area to spread joy, love, and to share all of life’s celebrations. Together, flowers and I are on a mission. I am not just a florist; I am a floral ambassador. Our message to all is JOY!

Joe Viviano

With family businesses, you learn from an early age how to help out in small ways. When I was eight years old, I had the job of putting price tags on products to be sold in the stores. Although a seemingly small task, it was important. In some ways, I am still putting price tags on our products as I control the finances of the shop. Numbers may be boring and confusing to others; but I appreciate how, together, small parts add to something great. Flowers are just like numbers. They may appear small; but put them together, and they make a beautiful bouquet. Even the small act of giving someone flowers sets off a big chain of happy reactions. Life is about simple moments added together to make cherished memories, and what better way is there to celebrate those moments than with sharing flowers!

Casey Bobek

Joined our team in October of 2006
Favorite Flowers are peonies

Growing up near Viviano Flower Shop, I wondered what it would be like working here since I love being creative with my handiwork. As a teenager, I began helping green holiday containers. I then became a design assistant and then a designer which I loved because I had the opportunity to be creative in my work. Now, I am a wedding consultant assisting brides with their choice of stunning bridal flowers and decor for their special day. I have so much fun when a bride asks for designs that are out of the ordinary and unique. I have many cherished memories from my time here and so many employees have worked here for so long that it’s really like a big family.

Hilary Gilmore

Joined our team on August 27, 2019
Favorite Flowers are peonies & dahlias

When I was 15 years old, my mother opened up a small flower shop in Marysville. From there, I grew into the business and the love of fresh flowers. I would work after school and help with events. After high school, I attended Bannow’s Floral School in Utica to learn more structured design styles. Additionally, I went to St. Clair County Community College for my degree in business management. I had always returned to my mother’s flower shop, dreaming of running it one day. Unexpectedly, I found Viviano’s, and I’m so glad I did. There are so many friendly faces here with such talent that allows this business to continue to grow. We have the ability here to help so many more people smile and expand my knowledge of the area. I love bringing joy and smiles to the bride’s special day. It honestly puts the meaning into, “Love what you do “.

Marena Boddy

Joined our team in 2001
Favorite Flowers are sweet peas, lilacs, orchids, and roses

Hello! A graduate of Wayne State University with a BA in Psychology, I have been a part of the Viviano Flower Shop family since 2001 when I started my career here as an assistant manager in the General Design departement. Given my design experience, I love working with flowers and bringing to life a client’s floral vision for their wedding and for their special family and corporate events. It is truly exciting to see everything come together so beautifully because I know how cherished those memories will be.