Weddings & Events

Flowers for a Family Wedding

This past Memorial Day weekend, our cousin, Katie, was married in Grand Rapids, MI. Weddings are always a big family affair for us and this wedding was no exception. An out of town wedding meant a little extra effort, but considering our past experience with out of town events, this wasn’t anything our team couldn’t handle with proper planning.

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Why Flowers?

After growing up in the floral industry, we are used to being surrounded by flowers. Cecilia and I regularly hear how lucky we are and how much fun it must be to work at a flower shop. I’ve smiled and nodded many times at such comments, while in the back of my mind thinking, if you only knew how much work it is!

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Hi there! Welcome to our flower shop.

We are Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Cecilia Viviano, sister trio and the faces behind the blossoming pictures and flowery speech you will find on these pages. As fourth generation family members behind Viviano Flower Shop, we are immersed in everything floral. Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of creation. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it simply, “the earth laughs in flowers,” and here, we delight in sharing our floral fancies. Thank you for visiting with us!